This 3 lesson Christmas Family Devotion is all about helping children understand that God’s plan didn’t start in the manger. God’s ultimate plan to save people began long before the nativity story and is the central theme of the Bible.


I created this Christmas Family Devotion for our family to use with our 4 and 2 year old. Please feel free to adapt this as needed for your own children and their ages. The lessons as outlined will take about 20 minutes.

You can follow along with our family on our schedule or however it works best for your family. These family devotions will be here always for FREE.


Below are the Supplies + Resources for our Christmas Family Devotional Unit. Affiliate links are included for your convenience.

*Seeds Family Worship sells these two items together in either digital or hard copies. For more information click HERE.


The first step for any family wanting to start a having weekly family devotions it to set aside a regular time each week to do it. After dinner works great for us but we have also had success in the morning after breakfast. Don’t look for perfection when having family devotions. There is no perfect family and there is no set way to do this. Figure our what length and format works best for you family and have fun!

Each lesson includes worship singing scripture, scripture reading or bible story, memory verse, and prayer. Please feel free to adjust and modify these family devotions as needed for your family.

The memory verse for this unit will be John 3:16. I have found that repeating the same verse to our kids is the best way for them to memorize and learn.

Our family will be doing each lesson once a week, hopefully twice if there is time. Starting in December there will be a new devotion posted every Sunday leading up to Christmas.

Lesson 1: GOD’S PROMISE (December 4)

Lesson 2: THE ANGEL’S ANNOUNCEMENT (December 11)

Lesson 3: THE BIRTH OF JESUS (December 18)

You can find more information about the worship music we will be using for this unit by clicking HERE.

All you need to get started has been listed in the supplies above.

I would love to hear any feedback if you decide to do this with your own family!