Total Body Functional Workout

I think I am finally, hopefully, starting to get back to a somewhat normal exercise schedule. It was so hard for me to get started again after having Jesse. But just like anything else, sometimes you just need to be disciplined and make it happen.

I so enjoyed all the time I spent letting my body rest after having a new baby and I knew it was time to get back to my workouts. Now that I am three weeks in to exercising consistently I am actually looking forward to my workouts again.

I am focusing right now on rebuilding my strength and concentrating on reconnecting muscles (specifically in my core and pelvic floor) back together after having a baby.

This is a workout I put together that takes under an hour to complete. Each movement should be done slowly and with intention and not rushed.

Equipment Needed: Bands (found HERE and HERE)


Let me know if you try this out and what you think! This workout is challenging and some of the moves may surprise you in the level of difficulty. Have fun and get sweaty!


Movie Workout: Disney’s Frozen

Movie Workout Disney's FrozenAre you ready to get your workout done at home while your kids watch a movie?

We recently watched Frozen for the first time and our whole family (Josh included) enjoyed this movie. Caden asks to watch the snowman movie at least once a day. Josh and I both feel it is important to limit his screen time but I have found the benefit in being able to find movies that he enjoys watching for times that I may need to work, cleanup the house, make dinner, or even get in a quick workout.

For all you mom’s out there who have little ones and find it hard to squeeze in your workouts I have the perfect no excuses plan for you! Turn on your televisions and get ready to sing and sweat. Plus depending on where you have your movie playing and how old your kiddos are you may even be able to sneak in a quick shower too.

Disclaimer: Not all exercises are suitable for everyone and this or any other exercise program may result in injury. To reduce this risk of injury, please consult your doctor before beginning this, or any other, physical fitness program. Any user of this workout assumes the full risk of injury resulting from performing the routine presented.

Get ready to workout to Disney’s Frozen! This workout happens during the songs which will add up to just under 30 minutes of exercise. For example, during “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?” you will be doing 10 squats followed by 10 Overhead Presses and repeating those two exercises the entire length of the song. Once the song is over you can rest. As a bonus you can challenge yourself whenever Olaf’s body comes apart (keep reading for more details).

Frozen Movie Workout

In case there is any confusion, during the song In Summer you are doing Burpees the entire duration of that song which is 2 minutes long. Make sure to count your reps so if you do this workout again you can see if you have improved. For the songs with multiple exercises listed be sure to repeat the exercises until the song is over.

If you decide you are enjoying the movie and want to keep watching here is a bonus circuit that can be added. Anytime Olaf’s body comes apart perform 20 seconds of Side Plank on each side immediately followed by 20 seconds of plank. 

Let me know what you think and if you plan on trying this. Have you found any other ways to occupy your kids while you workout at home?


Train Like A Boss Workout

Disclosure: I have received this product in exchange for highlighting this business. All opinions are my own.

Who doesn’t love a nice sweaty interval workout? I know I do. But here is the problem that I have always run into. Timing my intervals. I have tried using a stopwatch, my heart rate monitor, and numerous apps on my iPhone which work, but still leave me continuously having to glance down at the screen. This gets annoying. Today I am happy to announce that I have discovered a solution to my problem. Meet the GYMBOSS.


How adorable is she! This little beauty is my new favorite workout buddy. She is small, super easy to setup, and can be used as a interval timer, stopwatch, countdown timer, or a clock. There are numerous types of workouts that this little timer is great for including running, CrossFit, HITT,  and weightlifting. My favorite feature is that it can be clipped on to my waistband and the alarm can be set to either beep or vibrate at me. I love knowing that I will never again be having to glance down at a screen to know when I need to switch up my exercises.

It is hard enough sometimes getting in my workouts at home on days I don’t go to the gym and this little device sure makes it easier. If you hadn’t noticed from my previous workouts Caden likes to be right in the middle of everything. I love that he wants to be involved but sometimes it can be challenging when he runs off with my cell phone and I am in the middle of an interval workout. I am looking forward to many more workouts using my GYMBOSS :).

This little piece of equipment has allowed me to take control of my workouts again. No more excuses that the baby ran off with my timer for me. It is time to train like a boss! Here are the exercises for this workout. I did not include pictures for Alternating V-Ups or Plyo Lunges. If there is any confusion on these exercises just let me know and I will do my best to clarify.


Single Arm Cobra to Downdog

  1. Place one arm behind back. With other hand on the floor press up into cobra pose.
  2. Tuck your toes and left your hips to down dog.
  3. Lower hips back to floor and bend elbow to release chest to the mat. Repeat on other side.


Plank Hop to Power Squat

  1. Start in plank postion. Hop both feet up to hands.
  2. Explode off your feet and jump up bringing your knees to hip level and tap knees to hands.
  3. Land with bent knees and return to start position by hopping feet back to plank.


Knee Tap Forearm Plank

  1. Lie face down on a mat with your legs straight and place your forearms on the floor.
  2. Raise your body up into the top of a push up position, resting on your forearms and toes and hold.
  3. Tuck your tail bone under and keep your core strong by pulling your belly button in towards your spine.
  4. Slowly tap knees to floor and return to straight legs. Repeat.


Spiderman Pushups

  1. Start in push-up position with legs straight, hands below shoulders.
  2. Begin to lower body down by bending your elbows, as you lower down bring your right knee to your right elbow.
  3. Push back up and reverse leg movement back to starting position. This completes one rep.


  1. Lie on your back with your legs straight and your arms stretched out overhead.
  2. Raise one leg straight up while also lifting your upper body off the floor and reach your opposite hand towards your foot, keeping both your arm and leg straight.
  3. Lower both and repeat using the opposite arm and leg.


  1. Stand upright with one foot forward, dropping your back knee down.
  2. Push off your front and back foot to jump switch your legs.
  3. Repeat.

And now for the workout. You will do 50 seconds of work for each exercise in the order listed below followed by a 10 second recovery.  Perform for a total of 4 rounds resting 1 minute between each round.


I know you want your own GYMBOSS now too. These little babies cost under $20 and come in all sorts of fun colors. Do your workouts a favor and go order one today. I promise you will love it just as much as I do.

Let me know if you tried this workout and what you thought! Have a great day!

Injury disclaimer: Not all exercises are suitable for everyone and this or any other exercise program may result in injury. To reduce this risk of injury, please consult your doctor before beginning this, or any other, physical fitness program.