CrossFit Inspired Cardio

I have a super fun workout challenge for you today! All you need is yourself and a pair of running shoes. I like to do this workout at the track but it can be done anywhere. If you are running outside and not on a treadmill you can use MapMyRun to route your mile.

But before I share the workout I want talk about this kid for a second…


Oh Caden I love you so much, and you never cease to amaze me with your super human baby strength. Seriously, this little guy is going to put both myself and Josh to shame.

We have one cabinet in the kitchen that we did not baby proof that contains our tupperware. Caden loves to play with the lids and containers so we left that cabinet open for him to explore. This past weekend I was shocked when he took the biggest lid we have and proceeded to do this…



He made his own push sled! He tried to roll the weight on top of the lid but couldn’t get it on his own so I helped him and then he took off. Up and down the hallway for 20 minutes.

I have done this exercise multiple times in front of him with a towel and weights, but never expected him to try and do it too. It was so cute and pretty amazing to watch him go. I am inspired by how strong he is!

CrossFit Inspired Cardio

I love CrossFit workouts because I know they are going to get the job done in a decent amount of time. These types of workouts push me to move faster and allow me to track my progress.

Perform the following exercises resting only when necessary. Record your time. This is a great benchmark workout to measure your improvement. Try it today and do it again in a month.

CrossFit Inspired Cardio

Let me know how you did! If you liked this workout I would love to have you join my ONLINE BOOTCAMP! Bootcamp starts September 9th and runs for 5 weeks. The best part about this program is it can be done on your schedule. Cost is $40 and workouts will be e-mailed to you each week. For more information and to find out how to register click HERE.

I want love to know what or who inspires you?

xoxo, Tamara

PS…If you received an invoice from me for my online Bootcamp but did not mean to register please e-mail me back and let me know. I will happily cancel your invoice. I am sorry for any confusion that happened during the giveaway.


Losing The Baby Weight: Pregnancy & Exercise

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This week starts the first post in the Losing the Baby Weight series. Like I mentioned last week it has been difficult for me to start writing about this because there are so many different variables that come into play with how quickly a mama recovers after having a baby.

Here are the topics for the next 4 weeks:

Wednesday, June 12: Pregnancy & Exercise

Wednesday, June 19: What To Expect After You Deliver

Wednesday, June 26: The First Six Weeks

Wednesday, July 3: Nutrition

Losing The Baby Weight

As a personal trainer and yoga instructor I felt confident in my ability to answer my clients questions regarding exercise and pregnancy. Then I became pregnant. Welcome unwanted advice and opinions from strangers. It might be because I taught yoga and bootcamp classes up until I delivered but I heard my share of comments that were pretty judgmental about how active I was while pregnant with Caden. I have learned that you will never please everyone. Being a good parent is about making informed decisions that will be best for your family.

In hopes to encourage you mamas-to-be I am sharing my experiences of exercising while pregnant and also what I have learned from researching this topic. The majority of this post will focus on those who already exercise. If you are pregnant and have never exercised now is the perfect time to start (always check with your doctor before you begin a exercise program). Walking, stretching, and gentle yoga are great activities for those new to physical activity.

If you have persistent bleeding during the 2nd and 3rd trimester, pregnancy induced hypertension, preterm labor with current or a prior pregnancy or any other questionable contraindication to exercise please consult with your doctor.

Benefits of Exercise During Pregnancy

Continuing to exercise during pregnancy at a moderate intensity level can:

  • Improve sleep. Many pregnant women have a hard time falling and staying asleep but those who exercise say that the quality of sleep is greater and they feel more rested in the morning.
  • Reduce the discomforts of pregnancy. Exercise can lessen the amount of aches and pains you feel as your baby grows.
  • Reduce stress. Growing a baby can be stressful. Studies have found that after exercise the brain releases chemicals that actually put you in a better mood.
  • Prepare your body for childbirth. The better shape you are in the more prepared your body will be to handle the demands of labor. It is still going to hurt but your body will be able to adapt to the stress and in some cases labor might be shorter. Might be. It is not a guarantee but it cant hurt to try.
  • Improve your self image. When you take care of yourself you feel better.
  • Speed up your weight loss after baby is born. This is the major reason to exercise while pregnant. Of course if you have not been cleared by your doctor don’t exercise and don’t feel guilty.

These are all reason to love exercise!

Exercise Intensity, Heart Rate, & Rate of Perceived Exertion

Over the years the recommendations issued by the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ACOG) on pregnancy and exercise intensity have dramatically changed:

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