Running Workout & Timex Ironman Run x20 GPS Review

Disclosure: I #TrainWithKohls! This post is sponsored by Kohl’s and is an unpaid review. All opinions stated in this post are my own. 

I have a super fun running circuit workout on the blog today and also a review of the Timex Ironman Run x20 GPS watch. Be sure to read this post all the way to the end because (hint, hint, wink, wink) there is a giveaway happening!

Timex Run x20 GPS Watch Review

This is a budget friendly GPS watch that has a very simply and easy to use menu. You can set different alert zones such as pace and speed. For the price this watch does have great functions. It allows for the user to strap it on, head out the door, and track distance and pace or to be used for interval running. Just pick your intervals by distance or time, set your watch, and listen for the beep.

This watch does NOT have the ability to sync up with an app or with your computer. If you are looking for something that has this capability this watch would not be recommended. It is also NOT a heart rate monitor.

I used the workout and interval function and didn’t have any issues with the GPS. It comes with a USB cable to charge and when the watch is not in use I shut it off to prolong the battery life.

This watch is a great fitness watch if you are looking to monitor your distance or to time yourself for cardio intervals. I love to combine running with different exercises to switch up my training. It always makes the workouts go so fast.

For the workout below, I set the intervals on the watch to 1/4 mile and 1/2 mile. Once finished with the 1/4 mile run do the 20 pushups and when you are ready to run again if you are using the watch it starts calculating for the 1/2 mile run. It is pretty cool!

Timex Run x20 GPS Interval Function

You can complete the running portion once or do it twice. When you are ready to be finished with the intervals and using the watch you just need to stop the workout. I also really liked the watch had an optional button to view the seconds which made it easy to time the 30 second plank holds.

Running Workout

Interested in a GPS watch of your own? You can find this watch and others like it at Kohl’s. They have an awesome selection.

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Caden: 3 Years

CB 3 YearsPhoto Credit: Karla Storey Photography

Caden is 3! We celebrated Caden and Maisie’s birthday two weeks ago when our extended family was in town visiting. This really means their birthday’s have lasted for two weeks with an influx of presents trickling in every few days from relatives.

Looking back at his photographs from the last three years it is easy to see how much he has grown. Here are the highlights from Caden’s first two years of life…

1 Year of Caden

Year 2 of Caden

Up next, Caden’s recap from this past year…

Year 3 of Caden

I love doing collages like this that recap the year. Yes, they take a ridiculous amount of time deciding which photo to use, and sorting them chronologically, but I love having them to look back on.

Milestones: Caden completed his first race. The Phoenix Marathon held a 1k kids race this year and Josh and I thought Caden would love it. We were right. He did.

Josh and I ran the 10k earlier in the morning so when it came time for Caden’s race Josh decided he wanted to be the parent to go on the course with Caden. About halfway into Caden’s race our family noticed from the sidelines that Josh seemed to be struggling to keep up with Caden. Now let me say first that my birthday gift from several months before the race was for Josh to run the 10k with me. My husband is not a runner. He can run, but it is just not his thing. His body was over running by the time Caden’s race happened.

Being the great Dad that he is and not wanting to miss out experiencing the event with Caden he volunteered to run with him. Josh limping after Caden physically hurt watching. I ran over to where they were and Caden was going strong. I think all the other kids his age were being pushed in strollers. Josh who was walking several feet behind a running toddler said “Oh thank you God” as I told him I would run the rest of the way with Caden.

CB Phoenix Marathon Kid 1K 2015

Caden picked up speed as he crossed the finished line, collected his ribbon, looked at me and said “I want to do that again”.

He had his first teeth counting and cleaning at the dentist. He did so amazing! My mom has a horror story from when I went the first time so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect but he did awesome. A few other highlights from the year include an obstacle run with slip n slides and going on vacation to the beach.

Eating: Over the past year our eating as family has undergone a huge change! For the last few months we have been doing an elimination diet to discover our own individual food sensitivities. I discovered that Caden is highly sensitive to direct contact with cinnamon. In baked goods, like muffins, the small amount cinnamon does not seem to bother him but on hot cereal he broke out into a red rash around his mouth and cheeks.

He enjoys watermelon, blueberries, quinoa/rice cereal, cucumbers, yogurt, seaweed, fruit snacks, and popsicles.

Sleeping: He sleeps 11-12 hours at night and is taking 1 nap during that day. I lay him down for his nap at 1:30pm and he sleeps anywhere from 3:30 to 4pm most days. He is in bed at 7:30pm and wakes up at 7am the next day.

We have found that blackout curtain’s and a white noise machine have made a huge difference in creating a comfortable sleep environment for our kids.

Saying: Kids say the cutest things. Here are a few cute things Caden has said over the past year…

  • Mommy, the popcorn is dancing! Referring to the popcorn getting ready to pop in our popcorn machine. 
  • That sounds like a funny! Caden’s way of saying something is funny.
  • I wantcha to hold me. This melts me. His way of asking for a hug.
  • Don’t you be kissing my wife. Josh jokes with him when Caden covers me in kisses and teased Caden by saying this. Caden grabbed ahold of it and now he says it to Josh when he kisses me. So funny!
  • I burped. He says this for any type of gas. 
  • Thanks for coming to see me. He will tell relatives this when we are leaving their house to come home. 
  • Thanks so much. Caden has a very appreciative heart and it is sweet to hear him say thank you so much on his own. 
  • I want to pan for goldfish. We frequently visit a local museum that has an outdoor area where you can pan for gold. 

I think his use of words and how he speaks has undergone the largest transformation this past year. He can have conversations now which is very fun and often times amusing. He can also say no which I think might be becoming a favorite of his.

From the time Caden was born Josh and I have prayed with Caden, and now Maisie, out loud before meals, bedtime, and at other points during the day. Recently Caden has begun to add his own prayers to ours and he is very good about reminding us to pray before our meals.

Likes: Baths, reading, Curious George, Frozen, Duplo, firetrucks, his extended family, learning activities, obstacle courses, running, dinosaurs, and apple juice. Caden loves going to visit Josh at the station. It is probably his favorite thing to do.

During the week I try set aside time to work on learning activities with Caden. These range from practicing shapes, colors, ABC’s, and counting. Caden really enjoys the workbooks from Kumon. If you haven’t heard of these or tried them with your toddler I highly recommend them.

Dislikes: He is not a huge fan of going to sleep. He will still sleep but he doesn’t like it when naptime and bedtime roll around.

We love you our sweet natured, caring, compassionate, and energetic little boy! 


Maisie: 12 Months

MB 1 YearKarla Storey Photography

Maisie turned one two weeks ago and I am still having a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that she is a year old. I feel like I was just in the hospital with contractions getting ready to give birth.

She is our smiley, fearless, determined, and spirited little girl who has brought a new energy into our family that we didn’t even know was missing before she arrived.

It is true what they say about the second child not having the camera in their face nearly as much as the first. Sorry Maisie. That being said she still has a decent amount of pictures. It was hard narrowing down my favorites and I am slightly embarrassed at how long it took me to put together this collage recap of Maisie’s first year. I am very happy it is done and that I will be able to look back next year on how much she has grown.

Year 1 of Maisie

It is, and always will be, amazing to me how much children grow in their first year of life. They are little miracles that we get to experience everyday and I am so thankful for this precious girl.

Wearing: 12-18 months. I am loving her in rompers. But of course I don’t have a picture to show you how cute she looks in them. #secondchild

Milestones: Maisie began crawling 2 months ago and has been on the go ever since. She will pull herself up on anything that she can and loves to climb. She has so many teeth! I still can’t believe how many teeth she has. Her back molars are visible and she has a total of 12 teeth.

Nursing/Eating: Maisie has begun eating more food and only is breastfeeding before bedtime. I am so proud of us that we were able to make it a whole year plus a few weeks breastfeeding. It is a team effort between mother and baby. A few months ago she was biting me so often I really had no idea how much longer I would be able to nurse her. I am also thankful that pumping, dumping, and having to store breastmilk was so successful last fall when I had my varicose vein treatment.

On average 1 year olds need 900 calories a day. This is a large amount of food and I am always surprised by how much she eats. Maisie typically eats what we are eating plus or minus a few foods. She loves avocado, raspberries, salmon, chicken, beef, peas, mushrooms, sweet potatoes, yogurt, watermelon, and grapes.

Sleeping: 12 hours at night: 7pm-7am, plus two naps during the day: 9:30am-11am and 1:30-3pm. This is the same schedule Caden was on at her age.

Likes: She is a very happy baby. She loves dancing while seated and swaying herself side to side. Anything that Caden is doing she likes. They have started to interact and play with each other and will get into fits of giggles. It really is so sweet to see. Maisie loves eating and gets so happy when she knows another meal is coming. Her favorite thing to do is climb! She could climb stairs, slides, up and down anything with an incline for well over 30 minutes and still want to keep going. She will scream when we have to remove her from whatever she is climbing.

Dislikes: Dislikes diaper changes with a passion and also being laid down for naps. She will show her displeasure by rolling back to her tummy and sitting up. She is very vocal about letting us know when she is unhappy.

Happy Birthday little one! We love you so much.