The Buschel Digest: November 2017

I feel like I read so much more this month! And it could be because Josh bought me a Kindle Fire for my birthday. I briefly mentioned how I thought an e-reader would be nice to have and was totally shocked and surprised when I opened my gift. It isn’t something I would have bought myself but I am loving it!

How Masturbation Almost Ruined Our Honeymoon

“Masturbation is a grey area in the Christian world. It brings out the fire in people. I’ve wavered in my opinion over the years, but this new stage of life has confirmed to me, that regular masturbation can really mess with your future.”

‘Our Minds Can Be Hijacked’: the tech insiders who fear a smartphone dystopia

An interesting and thought provoking read about Google, Twitter and Facebook workers who helped make this technology so addictive why they are disconnecting themselves from the internet.

Joyfully Lifting Malformed Hands in Worship

This post got me. Beautifully written and an amazing testimony of how God alone can give us strength and comfort even at the most tender and heartbreaking moments.

These Actors Found Fame But Risk Losing Their Childhood

For those of you who watch Stranger Things (I haven’t seen the show but thought this article was worth sharing).

Three Adoption Misconceptions

This is perfect! “If you’ve never seen these correlations between Christianity and adoption then I pray God will speak these truths into your heart. God want’s families rescuing children, not just Christian families, but any family who will pour out grace and love, because all human life is precious.”

Don’t Just Read Alone

This is something Josh and I have been talking about lately. We read from the Bible to our kids during the week and plan to incorporate this into our small group during the Christmas season by reading Luke 1-2 together.

Don’t Leave Your Husband for Her

Rosaria Butterfield’s book Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert is on my reading list for next year. Here is an article she wrote recently that has great points for anyone thinking about committing adultery.

The Lasts of the Iron Lung

This article was fascinating and also heartbreaking. Having had Guillain Barre Syndrome I can relate to only fraction on what these polio survivors mention, but wow. It breaks my heart and I am appalled that the company who holds the technology for the Iron Lung won’t service or maintain their equipment.

What Student Ministry Really Needs? Homework.

Yes, yes, yes. I love this. I think as parents we can often underestimate what our children can understand. I thoroughly enjoy reading the Bible to my kids and teaching them theology. It is a discipline and it is worth it. If my little preschoolers can sit and listen to the Bible being read and answer questions now I know this will serve them well later in life.

The Confessions of April Grace Series by KD McCrite

I read all of these and LOVED them! The take place in the 80’s so there is no internet and reminded me what my childhood was like growing up in that way. These books are written from an 11 year olds perspective and I would recommend them to adults as well as to pre-teens! Fantastic and really loved this series!

The Most Misused Stories in the Bible: Surprising Ways Popular Bible Stories Are Misunderstood by Eric J. Bargerhuff

This was really good and also humorous at times too. A overall well written book for those who are new or very familiar with the Bible. I highlighted many sections in this book.

Eight Women of Faith by Michael A. G. Haykin

This is not a book I would normally read. But I really enjoyed it and liked learning about these different women who changed the course of history. It was fascinating reading about their lives.


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