Leg Day Kettlebell & Mobility Workout

Well friends, it has been a week. Between the election, our air conditioner going out, and homeschool, I am so happy it is Friday! We are taking our second week off of school for Fall Break next week. Sometimes you have really good ideas and this was a really good idea to save a week because the weather is supposed to be actual Fall weather and I am ready for it. We took a week off at the very end of September but it was still hot outside.

And speaking of homeschool the kids finished their ELA curriculum for the semester this week. I am so proud of them, and me! We are still going to be reading, spelling, and writing until Christmas but it is nice to have this portion of their work done. I am using the same program as their elementary school but I must have paced it differently so we finished it up this week, all 15 weeks of lessons, done. Yay!

My workouts this week left me unusually sore. Which I take as a good sign that I am challenging myself. So here is one of the workouts I did this week with Fit Women’s Weekly Live. I used a 44 KB for the swings, squats, and deadlifts and was so proud of myself. Between the warm up and 4 rounds of this it was the perfect 30 minute workout to start my day.

If you decide to try this the 30 seconds squat holds are without weight, as are the last 3 exercises. For the swings, squats, and deadlifts use a heavy weight or KB and perform 10 reps for 2 sets before moving onto the next exercise.

When you finish all these exercises rest for a minute and then keep repeating for up to 4 rounds. I was dripping sweat and so glad when it was over but so proud of myself for sticking with the 44 pounds KB.

And now I am logging off and into the weekend with the same plans we have had basically all year. Staying home and playing outside as much as the weather allows. Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!


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