Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition Coaching

Diets don’t work. They give false hope of reaching your goals quickly and without much effort.

Nutrition coaching is personal and tailored to you. As your coach I will make sure you are on track every step of the way.

What can you expect from me as your nutrition coach?

  • No diets. That’s right, no diets. Diets aren’t the answer. You will have guidance from someone who will help you figure out what to do, when to do it, and be there to support you.
  • No fads. The nutrition coaching that I offer is personal and tailored for you.
  • No Templates. I will listen to you, pay attention, ask you questions, and be part of your team to ensure you are on track. This is what a great coach does.

How does it work?

  • 90 day packages available that include initial consultation and also bi-monthly follows up to monitor your progress.
  • Meet me via Skype, Google Chat, FaceTime, or phone to discuss your goals, progress, and questions.
  • Receive intake forms before initial consult and take your measurements bi-monthly.
  • This is a process. Every two weeks you will be given a healthy habit to incorporate into your life to bring you another step closer to reaching your goal.

Eating should be easy and pleasurable – not stressful. Everyone can develop a healthy relationship with food. Ditch the diets and learn to make food choices that honor your health on your path to wellness.

Initial Assessment (60 minutes) – $120

In order to get the best results, I utilize a set of 7 short questionnaires and 5 assessments to find out where you are in your nutrition and what limiting factor is the first and most important thing standing in your way.​

Change the quality of your nutrition, and you’ll change your body. Quite literally, you’ll change your life.​

  • Custom nutrition plan made just for you and based off of your goals, body-type, budget, and readiness for change
  • Receive in-depth accountability through assessments, not guessing.
  • Guided nutritional education and support based off of your level of understanding.
  • Strategies to help you overcome the most common lifestyle hurdles that hinder progress.
  • Be coached as a person and not a project or a patient.
  • Determine your limiting factors, the biggest things holding you back, and how to overcome them.

Follow Up Sessions (45 minutes) – $60

Once you have done your initial assessment these follow up session can be done every two weeks or as needed. Depending on your goals we can discuss how many follow up sessions would be recommend.

  • Bi-weekly body composition measurements and nutrition assessment
  • Continuing nutrition education through each scheduled check-up

15 Minute Phone Consult – Free

Having trouble deciding whether nutrition coaching is right for you? Are you uneasy about paying for services from someone you haven’t met in person? Let’s chat with a free 15-minute phone call so that you can ask any questions, get to know me, and work together to determine what is right for you. Fill out the form below and I will be in touch soon. I look forward to hearing from you.

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