The Workout Mama Bootcamp


Due to the upcoming arrival of our baby girl I will not be holding any upcoming sessions until after the baby is born. I am still accepting online personal training clients. If you are interested in monthly programming rates please contact me at [email protected].

Cost: $40 for 4 Week Session

I am so very excited about this online bootcamp and can’t wait to share the details with you. Here is what you can expect and look forward to if you sign up for Bootcamp.

  1. Each Sunday you will receive an email from me with 3 workouts for the week.
  2. Each week 1 of the 3 workouts will be a password protected video. During the session Bootcampers will be the only people who can access these videos. Videos can only be watched during your session and for an additional two weeks after your session end date.
  3. You have the ability to set your own schedule if you like or you can follow the schedule I suggest. This allows you to still participate in your favorite local classes at your gym or go for a run with a friend.
  4. If you are a blogger you can add The Workout Mama Bootcamp button to your sidebar to let others know you are participating. At the end of each session you can also take part in a link up and share your experience on The Workout Mama blog.
  5. Connect with your fellow bootcampers in a closed Facebook group that you will have access to for the entire session of your bootcamp. I will be checking in several times each week and will also provide feedback and answer any questions you may have.
  6. Most importantly you have a certified personal trainer programing your workouts during your session of Bootcamp.

Now for more of the details.

Who can sign up for this bootcamp? Do I have to be a mom?

This bootcamp is open to anyone! Men, women, and teens. I would love to have husband and wives participate together! Or if you have older kids get them in on the action too! Friendly competition only will increase your motivation and personal success during your bootcamp experience.

Where can I do these workouts?

My goal is for you to be able to print off the workouts and do them anywhere. You can take them to your gym or do them in your home. I really want this to be a do it anywhere bootcamp experience. I will be emailing your workouts to you.

What if I don’t know how to perform all the exercises?

There will be no reason for you not to be successful. I am including demos of myself performing the exercises that you will be doing. These video clips will be linked in your weekly workouts.

What equipment do I need?

If you do not have these items already don’t sweat it, you will be doing enough of that during the bootcamp, Target and Walmart have a nice selection of reasonably priced exercise equipment. To save money look on craigslist for your weights or find a local used sporting goods store.

  • Heavy & Light Dumbbells. To really get the most out of these workouts I recommend a heavy set of hand weights (ranging between 8-15 pounds) and a light set of hand weights (ranging between 3-5 pounds). If you do not exercise with weights on a consistent basis I suggest starting with a 5 pound set for your first few workouts. After you have a few workouts under your belt you can better determine your “heavy” size.
  • Stability Ball
  • Exercise Mat
  • Pedometer (Optional) This is an inexpensive way to track your activity level during the day. We will discuss more about this during bootcamp.
  • Jump Rope (Optional) If you don’t wish to purchase a jump rope you can still mimic the action without the actual rope. For those who already have a high level of fitness I highly suggest this purchase. Jumping rope is no joke and if you really want to challenge yourself this is a great tool to have.
  • Heart Rate Monitor (Optional)

How long will the workouts be?

You can plan on most workouts lasting anywhere between 30-45 minutes. Several workouts each month will be for time. Your goal with these workouts is to see how fast you can finish and how quickly you can recover.

I will be sending you a weekly schedule of your workouts every Sunday so you can plan your week accordingly. If you skip a workout and decide to take a class at the gym or go for a run with a friend no worries. This is your plan. Make adjustments as needed. I am just giving you an outline.

I am training for an upcoming race. Can I do these workouts in addition to my training schedule?

Of course you can! This program is designed for everyone. If you have long runs scheduled during the week you can 100% add a workout in here or there to your training schedule. Just make sure you are properly giving your body time to recovery.

Is this program designed specifically for me

This program is a generalized program and created by myself to challenge you and make you strong. You will be focusing on improving your strength, cardio, and flexibility. If you have a specific goal you are working towards or need more individualized attention it may be best to contact me so I can create a program just for me. Email me for info [email protected].

How can I sign up and what is the cost?

You can register from my blog. I will be sure to update when a session sells out. Cost is $40 for a session! That is like 2 Venti Starbucks drinks every 7 days people :) .

Personal trainers (myself included) charge anywhere from $60-150 per hour session. For less than the price of a 60 minute personal training session you can get an entire months worth of workouts.This is going to be an affordable and effective option for those who want to join a bootcamp. If you travel for business, are a stay at home mom, or in college and tight on money this could be the perfect fit for you!