Vasectomies, Foster Parenting, & A Pregnancy Test

For the past several months Josh and I had been tossing around the idea of starting a podcast together. After years of writing this blog on my own, which I have loved, the last few months I have been at a loss at what to do with this space. If you hadn’t noticed the frequency of my posting has dramatically declined. The reason for this is that my content has been copied and pasted and reposted word for word along with my photos on other websites. This is one of the reasons many of my posts with the kids images have been removed from this blog.

If you have been a reader of this blog you know that Josh doesn’t show up often here on The Workout Mama but in reality he is the biggest reason this blog even exists. He is such a huge supporter of me and my dreams and has always encouraged me in any venture I have wanted to pursue. He is my biggest fan and one of my favorite people and I am happy to call him my husband.

Which is why I am super excited to introduce you to our new project together! Yes, together! We looked into many options we could pursue and we decided to spend our attention on my YouTube channel and start a vlog.

We plan on sharing our success and struggles in both parenting and marriage, as well as our favorite products, workouts, and recipes. We would love to hear viewer feedback and create content you would like to see! Our channel will feature a new video each Monday.

Neither of us has done this before, so there will be a learning curve, but we really hope you will join us over on YouTube and subscribe to our channel, like our videos, and comment. There has been so much going on in our family the past year that we are super excited to share with you. To better introduce you to our family we figured it would be a good idea to share what has happened this past year. We talk about vasectomies, foster parenting, and a pregnancy test in our first episode of The Buschel Life!

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  1. Kaileigh says

    Wow what a crazy story! Congratulations though!

  2. What a sweet little family you guys are. My husband is a Firefighter also! God is calling you to another biological child thats for sure! Totally makes me nervous though because we had our third baby almost two years ago and my husband had a vasectomy in April… I don’t think I will ever be able to trust it. Yikes! Congrats on sweet baby number three and many blessings to you are your family. 🙂

  3. Wow Tamara! I told Aaron I saw you were pregnant again and then I thought… Wait didn’t her husband get a vasectomy?!? Crazy! Congratulations… 3 is crazyness!!! Welcome to the club 😉

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