Seeds Family Worship: Seeds of Christmas Review

Our kids have enjoyed our recent family devotions using Seeds Family Worship albums and the Jesus Storybook Bible. If you aren’t familiar with Seeds Family Worship all of their songs are scripture put to music. And the music is awesome and the singers are talented.


When Seeds Family Worship contacted me asking if I would like to review and host a giveaway of their new CD/DVD Christmas project Seeds of Christmas my answer was YES!

The Christmas project features Christmas music & videos with lyrics directly from the Bible! This musical video journey will take your family through the prophesies in Isaiah and Micah to the incredible accounts of Jesus’s miraculous birth in Matthew and Luke.

We have been listening to the songs in our van and the kids quickly started picking up the words and singing along. The first song features John 3:16 and Isaiah 9:6 and Maisie is continually saying it is her little friend singing the John 3:16 portion of the song.

The music is great and the video portion is equally well done! I love that our family can listen, learn, and sing along to the scriptures. I have found myself and the kids singing “Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Prince of Peace, and Everlasting Father” randomly at different times during the day.

Josh and I really hope to teach our children the true meaning of Christmas. The upcoming season can easily become a distraction if we aren’t careful and intentional about showing our children the true meaning of Christmas. We also know that hoping and doing are two separate things. The best plans in the world can fail to happen if we fail to plan. This is why I have planned our family devotions out several months ahead of time.

I know that December is going to be here in a blink of an eye. I also know that in order to make this Christmas season memorable for Caden and Maisie I need to be intentional with my time, especially before baby three makes an arrival in November.

Intentional parenting is not for the faint of heart. I am very grateful that there are resources available such as Seeds Family Worship that make teaching our children scripture a little easier and much more fun!


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Now you have a chance to win your own Seeds of Christmas CD/DVD combo or digital download package! All you need to do is leave a blog comment below and tell me about a Christmas tradition in your family or how you keep Christ in Christmas in your home. Last day to enter is Sunday October 29th. I will be e-mailing the winners Monday morning and you have 24 hours to claim your prize.



  1. We do Operation Christmas Child boxes and let our daughter help us pick out the things to put in the box for another little girl her age.

  2. A couple years ago, I made advent ornaments with 25 names of Jesus on them. Each day we put a new ornament on the tree. I need to make us a book with why we have each name, but I haven’t gotten that far yet!

  3. I love this idea so much! Our family takes fruit baskets around to people we have missed in our church and we also read the christmas story on xmas eve.

    Growing up during the month of December my mom always had a small manger that was empty and as a kid whenever we did something nice for someone else (either at school or home etc) we would get to add a piece of straw to the manger. When we woke up on Christmas morning we woke and found the manger full of hay and a Baby Jesus!! It was always exciting to see that on xmas morning.

  4. Growing up, our church did Christmas Gifts to Jesus and all the children would bring wrapped gifts up for Jesus (picked from a list of needs the church had) and place them on the platform. Our current church doesn’t do that but I plan on contacting them to see what needs maybe the nursery or children’s ministry has and taking my children with me to buy them.

  5. Sadly most of my favorite Christmas traditions have changed recently with family dynamics and ages etc. changing. So we are working on coming up with new traditions we can start this could be a great one!

  6. Danielle wilson says

    We like to make a goodie basket for our neighbors and one night drop them all off – my kids love going to the nursing homes too

  7. So many traditions. My favorites: Advent calendar and breakfast bread and egg casserole on christmas morning!

  8. We read Unwrapping the Greatest Gift by Ann Voskamp. It gets long and our kids are still young but I’m hoping it will get easier as they get older! We also love Christmas music!

  9. Jeanette Erickson says

    A tradition in Nate’s family is everyone gathers on Christmas eve at his grandparent’s farm to have ribs and Swedish meatballs for supper. After all the cleaning is done, grandpa reads the story of Jesus’ birth from Luke and we sing Christmas carols. Then we exchange gifts.

    My side of the family does homemade pizza on Christmas Eve.

  10. Sara Kobylinski says

    Every morning before the kids come down the stairs to see the gifts from Santa, we ask each child to say why we celebrate Christmas. We have videotaped the kids every year talking about Jesus and the true meaning of Christmas since they could first talk. Each child starts by saying their name, age, then why we celebrate Christmas and what Jesus means to them.

  11. Love it! I love Christmas Eve worship service with my family! We really try to put an emphasis on the real meaning of Christmas and remind our boys that Santa and presents are fun but the birth of Jesus was the greatest gift of all!

  12. We always have a big brunch and read the Christmas story after. We typically sing some Christmas hymns after, then exchange gifts.

    Trying to come up with our own traditions for our little family (not extended) as it grows. We are soon to have three girls, three and under!

  13. Hi! We discuss the real meaning regularly, don’t overdo gifts, serve and bless others, do an Advent story calendar together and have faith-centered decorations that remind us why we are celebrating!

  14. We have an advent calendar that we use each day. Pausing to focus on Jesus during this busy holiday season.

  15. Some of our favorite traditions are celebrating Advent with a Jesse tree and driving through a local park lit up with lots of lights on Thanksgiving after dinner.

  16. We do a “countdown to Christmas” with special activities a few evenings each week and incorporate a number of activities focused on blessing and serving others. Our kids also got a Playmobil nativity set a few years ago and love acting out the Christmas story with it!

  17. We love doing things w our church and giving more than getting, reading the song of the stars by slj and singing lots of christ-mas music.

  18. Melanie Smith says

    We have started adding one of the names of Jesus to a paper chain to count on each day to Christmas.

  19. We didn’t grow up in a Christian home, but we did have a gorgeous wooden manger scene that we played with all the time. Those donkeys traveled all over the house! I also loved setting up our candleabra for our dining room table-it’s like a chandelier that sits on your table and filled with candles.

    My husband and I are working on creating new traditions to center on Christ with our kiddos. I love seeing and experiencing the holidays through their eyes!

  20. I am excited to start Spot the Shepherd this year with my two year old and other traditions. Our Shepherd Shep will be looking for the manger while also teaching my girls about the reason we celebrate Christmas.

  21. We’re still establishing new traditions for our young family but we always read the Christmas story before any gifts or stockings are opened, we love participating in OCC, and we include our kiddos in giving to others as much as possible.

  22. My oldest is 3 so we are still working on our traditions. In the past, I have read them books about the true meaning of Christmas. And on Christmas day, before we see any presents, I talk with them about why Christmas is so special and that we are celebrating the birth of Jesus. I am looking forward to adding some new traditions this year!

  23. Meghan Branyon says

    We are also still establishing new traditions with our young kids but we always read the Story of Jesus’ birth and Christmas Eve service! Looking to create more traditions!

  24. I donate lots of toys locally each year. I’ve wanted to participate in Operation Christmas Child and hope to do so this year.

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