What We Should Have Registered For (Wedding Edition)

Now that Josh and I are just a few weeks away from hitting our 10 year anniversary I can honestly say that most of the items we registered for are not what we actually needed. If I could go back in time and tell my 23 year old self what to purchase here is the list I would give myself.

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You don’t know this yet but your husband sometimes snores. This doesn’t happen super often but you will find it is worse on days that are in between busy 24 hour shifts. Also he falls asleep really quickly and it is nice to drown out his rhythmic breathing while you are still mentally prepping for tomorrow and wondering why you can’t fall asleep as quickly as him.


Keep this on your register. It is still going strong almost 10 years later.


Granted, these weren’t available yet in 2007 but if I could I would time travel one back. You will enjoy (gasp) meal prepping large quantity menus in your freezer in the future. I know it sounds crazy but it is true. Embrace it.


When you begin to have babies you will understand why this is important. Clean floors don’t last long with little ones but it is nice knowing that you are sanitizing and removing solidified food from your floor. Plus it is fun.


This is going to be really hard to believe but after your first baby is born Josh will give up soda. Crazy, I know. Because we all know how much he loves soda. You might need to sit down for this next part because after he gives up soda he starts to drink iced tea. Now he does add lemonade to make it a palmer but still, you know how much he despises tea. So add this to the registry and wait about 6 years. Currently we always have two pitchers filled with different iced tea in the refrigerator, so you will be using this kettle multiple times during the week.


This is obviously something that Josh would have added to our list. And rightfully so. You will be thankful you have this later especially during your multiple moves, hanging pictures, and building furniture.


I am still not sure what these are for but Josh seems to be using them all the time. Let him add them to the registry. Or even suggest it. He will be very surprised by your enthusiasm.


Okay. You will lose count over how many times Josh has to ask to borrow an extension ladder. It wasn’t until this year that we finally purchased one. And it was because we had turned into that family who left their Christmas lights on the house. And yes they are still on now. And at this point we have purchased a ladder but it is so close to the holidays now we are just leaving them up.

I would love to know what items, in hindsight, you would have added to your registry? 


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