Muffins with Mom 2018

Yesterday the kids and I celebrated muffins with mom at preschool. The teachers and staff at their school are amazing and make each event feel so special. I just adored everything and seeing my littles so excited to give me their presents was precious.

I am still in slight denial that tomorrow is our oldest’s last day of preschool and he will be off to to elementary school in August. Seriously how does this happen so quickly?

My kids nailed their questionaries and picture drawings of me even down to my favorite lululemon shirt.

Being a mom is amazing. I am so thankful for extra special days to celebrate and enjoy time with my kids.

Funny story, I had it on my calendar that muffins with mom was actually last week so we arrived early to preschool only to discover the parking lot empty. That morning we had an impromptu donuts with mom at the grocery store down the road instead. The glitch on my calendar allowed for more quality time with my older two and for that reason I don’t count it as a mistake but an unexpected blessing.


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