How My Husband Encourages Me

I am so thankful to have a husband who encourages me and who has my back and truly wants the best for me and our kids. This year we will reach 11 years of marriage. There have been many ways Josh has encouraged me during this time. You can read more about how we met and what the last 11 years have looked like HERE. Josh has been doing something for over a year now that has brought real encouragement to me and I would like to share what that is and why it is encouraging and motivating me.

He Spends Time In The Word

Josh made a commitment 18 months ago to read the entire Bible and he recently finished. This was his first time reading it through in its entirety and I am so proud of him. This will be my third year of reading through the Bible and somedays it is challenging for me to want to read my Bible. But seeing my husband reading and us being able to talk about what we are each individually learning has been amazing.

My husband spending time in the Word has been a huge encouragement to me. And I think the biggest reason it is encouraging me is because Josh isn’t speaking God’s truth out loud anymore because he has heard a pastor preach on it. He is speaking God’s truth more and more because by reading the Bible and making it a priority in his life he is allowing the Holy Spirit to transform him.  When you see someone you love being molded more and more into the image of Christ it is praiseworthy. Not because of what Josh is doing but because of what Christ is doing through Josh.

How This Encourages Me

This reminds me that I constantly need to check my motivation behind what I am doing. The best things in life I do will be meaningless in eternity unless I am doing it to point others back to Jesus and not to myself. And the only way that will happen is if I allow the Holy Spirit to continue to transform me. Seeing other believers dedicating daily time to God’s word continues to motivate me and keep me accountable to spending time in reading the Bible even on days I don’t feel like it.

In order to grow in the fruits of the spirit (Galatians 5:22-23) I need to spend time growing in the knowledge of God through his word. Complacency and distraction will not help me to learn more about God and his character but it will keep me at the center of my own story.

In order for others to see Jesus in me I need to daily remind myself that I am not at the center of the story. The Bible does not revolve around me. The Bible tells the the complete story of God’s plan from creation, the fall, redemption, and to restoration.

How This Can Encourage You

If Josh and I have been able to read the Bible and experience life change that only God can bring you can too!  There is no magic plan just commitment and self-discipline to spend time in God’s word. If you are wanting to start reading the Bible check out The Bible Project or start in the New Testament. This year I am Reading God’s Story: A Daily Chronological Bible which uses a six day a week reading plan to read through the entire Bible in 365 days. I am really enjoying it and am surprised how much more I am understanding in the Old Testament. Whatever plan you decide to use just stick with it, I promise it is worth the time and effort.


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