Legs On Fire Workout

Happy Friday. It is a happy day in the Buschel house because it is grocery shopping day. We have been trying to stretch out how often we go to the store and we made it 10 days. I think that might be a record in our house.

Poor Josh, he is the one shopping today and my list is so long. We are also picking things up for family members so that adds to the list but honestly most of the items he is buying are for us. Our kids are so excited for more apples and oranges. It seriously the simple things in life right now like fresh produce that are bringing smiles to our faces.

Cardio/Strength Interval Workout

This cardio/strength interval circuit workout uses a structure of 50 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest. There are five exercises in the circuit. You’ll go through the circuit 5 times total. At the end of each completed circuit rest for a full 60 seconds.

If you are unsure what a Lunge & Kick looks like click HERE.

YouTube Follow Along Version

You can also follow along with me on YouTube. I filmed a slight variation on this workout last night. And oh my goodness I was such a sweaty mess.

I used to worry so much about having to make sure everything was perfect until I shared it on my blog. Right now I am just so grateful for this outlet that allows me to be creative and focus my attention on something else other than the news when the kids go to bed and Josh is on shift.

Have fun and happy sweating!


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