Mother’s Day 2019

My two oldest had special mother’s day themed events at their schools last week. I loved getting to spend quality time with each of them. Their teachers did an amazing job and I left feeling so loved. I love looking back at their artwork over the years so I am posting this for my future self.

Mommy Spa & Mom Facts

My son had a pamper mom day spa in his classroom. He gave me a massage, applied my makeup, and painted my nails. It was super sweet. I loved seeing how focused he was on applying my makeup and enjoyed watching all his classmates do the same.

My oldest answered the following questions and fill in the blanks for his teacher and these were presented to me last week at his classrooms mother’s day event.

How old is your mom? My guess is she is her 60’s

What color is her hair? My hair

What’s her favorite drink and snack? Water and pizza

My mom deserves a hug.

What’s her favorite thing to do with you? Play

What does she like to do for fun? Go places with us

My mom smells as good as pizza.

What does she do during the day? Play with my brothers and sister

My mom is as pretty as a rainbow.

What is the one thing she says to you most often? I love you

I would like to tell my mom I love you.

Muffins with Mom

My daughter had a muffins with mom event at her school. It was outside and we even had a light rain but that didn’t stop us from having fun. We ate and I even had a super delicious iced coffee. It was so nice to be able to have sweet conversations with her. So so good!

The Weekend

Our weekend was spent at church and with family and overall I am feeling very thankful for the opportunity to spend so much time with people I love. We spent the morning with my parents at the park and my Dad grilled hotdogs and hamburgers for lunch. Our church provided each child a carnation to give their mom at the end of Sunday school and I left church with a small bouquet.

And that is a super brief recap of last week and how I celebrated Mother’s Day this year :).


Our Adoption Story

Josh and I had the privilege this January to become licensed foster parents. This year has grown me in more ways then I can say. I have learned so much and I am so thankful for the amazing opportunity to be part of another child’s life. This week our family adopted the sweet little person we have been loving and caring for over the last six months.

Adopting our foster son has been an amazing and yet bittersweet experience. I have never felt such a deep loss for another person before. I think about and pray for our son’s biological parents, I pray for the future conversations we will have with our son regarding his adoption, and I pray for our family to be a safe and secure place for him to learn and know what love is, how much we love him, but more importantly how much God loves him.

We had the most amazing people from the Arizona Department of Child Safety advocating for our child. Words cannot fully express how honored our family has been to walk along side these individuals who will forever be part of our child’s story and we are so grateful for their diligent work. I would like to publicly thank these individuals who came into our child’s life because of tragic circumstances. I wanted to say so much more to you all at the adoption and express my deepest heartfelt appreciation for what you did for our son and the work that you do everyday for so many kids. My eyes are so blurred right now I can barely see the keys on the keyboard to type but I hope you know how much you mean to our family.

We have heard many similar responses from others when they learned we were going to be foster parents. Ranging from “I could never do that” to “You are a really wonderful person”. Josh and I would like everyone to know that we don’t think of ourselves as wonderful but we do think of ourselves as forgiven. We are grateful for the Lord and how he continues to gradually grow us more into the likeness of Christ and we are so glad that we made ourselves available for God to use our family.

The adoption of our son has been the opportunity to see something beautiful come from something broken. And in seeing this we can see how God views us, his children.

Our hope and prayer was to be able to bless another family by allowing them the opportunity and time to reunify with their child. While we are sadden that this wasn’t able to happen for our son we know that for him we are his best chance for a happy childhood. One that will be filled with love, joy, kindness, safety, and security. The blessing has been ours to enjoy and cherish and we will continue to do so as a forever family.

Out of respect for our children and their privacy Josh and I have chosen to not share pictures of them on social media or this website. If you have been a longtime reader of The Workout Mama you might have noticed a change over the last few years of what I have shared and I have also removed older posts for this reason. In light of the adoption of our son we are even more committed now to keep their faces off the internet for their privacy and safety. We are asking if we have shared details with you about our son to refrain from commenting online with any information that we have not shared publicly.

Over the next several weeks I will be sharing more posts on our foster care experience. While I will not be sharing details of our child’s story I do want to share what we have learned in hopes that it might encourage others to look into this ministry and also provide any resources that we have found useful. Feel free to leave any questions you have and I will try and answer them to the best of my ability in an upcoming post.

To the doctors, nurses, therapists, the court, our church, WIC, our foster care agency, the Arizona Department of Child Safety, and especially our friends and family thank you for supporting us and caring for our son.


Our After School Routine

Our oldest started kindergarten this year. Gulp. I don’t think I have fully come to terms with that yet. How does time fly so quickly? Because I love reading about other families routines I thought I would share what has been working for us this last month in regards to our kindergarteners after school routine.

As soon as we get home school clothes go into the hamper and afternoon showers, baths, or swimming happens for the kids. I figure this is one of the best ways to minimize shared germs as much as possible. We don’t have a swimming pool at home but have had great luck with this inflatable pool and this at home spray pad.

We are trying to keep all the kids immune systems boosted to prevent as much sickness as possible because it seems once one person becomes sick it isn’t long before we are all down for count. In addition to this the kids also take SmartyPants vitamins and a probiotic daily.

Once the heat starts to dissipate I would like to add in 15-30 minutes of playtime at the park before showers/baths to get a little extra vitamin D. The extra outdoor playtime is great after sitting in a classroom for several hours.

Homework is next on the agenda and comes home Monday – Thursday. As soon as homework is done the rest of the day can be spent focusing on quality family time. We will have a dance party (thank you Greatest Showman Soundtrack), color, build with blocks, and somewhere in there I throw a freezer meal into the Instant Pot for an easy dinner.

After dinner, if time allows, we play a little longer or we get to work picking up the house before story time and our nightly Bible lesson. Our kindergarten will read us all a story using either these BOB books or this Curious George sight word set. Each child gets to pick a book to be read aloud to them and then we end with our Bible lesson. We are still working our way through the New Testament and are currently in the book of Acts with them. We use Old Story New for our lesson along with New City Catheshim for basic theology.

And that is our after school routine. All the kids are in bed between 7pm and 7:15pm and most of the time fall asleep fairly quickly.

I would love to hear your routine or anything you have found to keep your kids healthy during school :).