What Was Good In 2020

2020. So much could be said about you. What a year. Ugh.

Getting to Christmas this year felt like a victory to me. We made it to Christmas. Everyone was healthy and even though it was just the six of us at home it was perfect. I actually loved not running around to multiple houses and just being home all day with Josh and kids.

While there is so much that could be said about how awful 2020 was I am going to focus my last post of the year on what was good.

My Anxiety

My anxiety crippled me after Maisie was born and I am just so thankful I put the work in when I did at that time. Because I honestly don’t know how I would have coped this year.

I still had cry in the shower moments and I am sure I will have more going forward, so please don’t take this as everything was great. But mentally I am so much better.

Thank you Jesus for your goodness and grace. Please know it is ok to not be ok and there is nothing wrong with you if you need counseling or medication for anxiety or depression.


We did it. I did it. I am so amazingly proud of myself and our kids. They have done so well this semester. I had always wanted to try homeschooling and had it not been for COVID I don’t think I ever would have.

We did 72 lesson of Saxon Math before Christmas and completed 15 lessons in their English curriculum. We also did art, science, history, and a family run club. I know I am fortunate to stay home and have the resources available to homeschool so my attitude towards homeschooling is joyful. I love watching my kids learn and I loved getting to be a part of that in a different way this year.

Disney +

Basically we spent our summer in our Intex pool and streaming many things on Disney +. Our favorite show is The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse and also Mickey Mouse (Shorts). Seriously a highlight of my year.

Steaming Musical Theatre

At this point I have lost track of how many times I have watched Love Never Dies. Over the summer I discovered this continuation in the Phantom of the Opera story arch and it made my summer. Thank you so much Andrew Lloyd Webber. I am watching it again now as I type up this post. I know it got mixed reviews but I love it so much.

Then I discovered BroadwayHD and pretty much all summer when Josh was on shift and after the kids went to bed I binged musicals. And it seriously helped me escape from the grim reality of our COVID numbers in Arizona.

Also Hamilton. Just so much great theater I have consumed this summer thanks to technology. I have seen more shows this year from any year previously thanks to technology.

Fit Women’s Weekly

I am so thankful to have found a great streaming fitness community. You can read my full review HERE.

Paddle Boarding

We needed to get out of the house this summer and paddle boarding proved to be a great option for our family. We could socially distance from others, enjoy the beautiful lakes and rivers in Arizona, and stay cool.

With two paddle boards, Josh and I each take a little kid and big kid on our board. I am sure we are quite a sight. It is a fun way to spend a few hours and I am looking forward to being able to go again in a few months.

It takes a little bit of time to get everything packed up to go with all the lifejackets, water bottles, clothes, and food but paddle boarding is something we would have never done if not for this year.

Garage Gym

This could be it’s own post but here is a picture of our garage gym that we put together this year. We have so much fitness equipment between Josh and I from personal training and it is so nice to have everything in one place and organized.

We know fitness equipment was hard to buy this year and we are thankful we didn’t have to purchase much. Josh also built a floor under our squat rack to negate the garage slope when we lift.

Backyard Movie Nights

With a projector and screen we turned our backyard into a movie theater and enjoyed family movie nights.

Our Home

We couldn’t have asked for a more wonderful home and backyard for our kids this year. We have used every inch of space in our 1400 square foot home and I am just so grateful for this indoor and outdoor space we have.

Also 4th of July was pretty awesome in our backyard. We swam and had the best fireworks all from the comfort of our home. Thank you to multiple neighbors who put on quite a show for us. My fingers are crossed that New Years Eve will be equally as great for firework viewing.

Health & Family

I am so grateful that we were healthy in 2020. We had a few run ins with stomach bugs but that was the worst of it. I am also incredibly grateful that skin biopsies and breast ultrasounds for myself came back benign.

We have also bonded so much as a family of six which will probably sound odd. Before we adopted our youngest almost three years ago he had so many therapy appointments and the older kids were in preschool and then we had one in elementary school and preschool. All that to say between the doctors appointments, school drop offs and pickups myself and the two youngest were in the car for up to several hours a day. I am not complaining in anyway this is just how it was.

When March hit it was the most all of us had been home together. And 2020 has truly done wonders for us and the kids. The two youngest share a room and they have become such good friends this year. Our oldest two have had sleepovers almost nightly and are inseparable.

So while 2020 has sucked in many ways I am choosing to end the year being grateful for what we have experienced and gained instead of what has been lost.

Cheers to 2021. I know there are still dark days ahead but I am also hopeful for what the new year will bring.


Leg Day Workout & Promix Protein Puffs

Happy Christmas Week! Fa la la la la la la la. That is pretty much all I got left in me at this point. I am so excited for Christmas because this last week, and let’s be honest, this last year, has just been a little stressful.

I am so thankful that I have been able to be consistent with my workouts this year because working out has been a huge stress reducer. I am also thankful for the wonderful community at Fit Women’s Weekly Live because honestly I am not sure I would be able to do these workouts at the intensity I have been doing them on my own as they are written. But doing them virtually and live has been such a huge motivator to make some time for myself during the day and sweat.

Here is one of the workouts I did last week…

It was a doozy but I was so proud I got through the entire thing + the finisher.

With the consistent exercise I have been doing this year I have been trying to make sure I am getting enough protein. As much as I would love to say all my nutrition comes from real food that is not the season I am currently living in. I typically do not eat enough protein and I am always on the lookout for products that are quick and effective to help me reach my daily goal.

Promix recently sent me some of their Protein Puffs to try. I have been adding them to smoothies, yogurt, and oatmeal. It has been a nice and easy way to add in 10g of protein.

How much protein do you need? Find out with the Promix Protein Calculator! My goal is to get close to 128g a day with a max of 45g coming from supplements. If you try the calculator you can get 15% off your first order from Promix.

They came in handy this weekend because I somehow managed to dislodge a filling while flossing. Ugh. I have stuck with really soft foods that wouldn’t require chewing and have been adding these puffs in every smoothie.

Shop from the Comfort of Your Home. Enjoy 10% Off All Protein Powders When You Sign Up for the Newsletter

I am really looking forward to the upcoming week with my husband and kids. I can’t remember the last time Josh had off Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, he is usually working one of those. I am so thankful!

We are celebrating Christmas at home this year with only the six of us. I have already purchased all our food and made homemade pizza crust this weekend for Christmas Eve. It took 3 hours Saturday morning and it was totally worth it to make them ahead of time.

The pizza was a tradition I had growing up and we have never been able to do it with our kids on this day because pre-COVID we were bouncing back and forth between family celebrations.

In case anyone is interested I use this recipe. I roll each crust to 6 inches and pre-bake them for 5 minutes. Once they are cool they go into the freezer until we are ready to use them.

Thanks for stopping by the blog and I hope you have a blessed and healthy week ahead. Merry Christmas!


Purple Pull-Ups

Josh recently went to Costco for our monthly shopping trip. When he returned home we began to put away our huge haul. And when I say huge it was huge. This was the trip where he bought toilet paper, kleenex, paper towels, and pull-ups on top of all the food items. When he started to unpack the pull-ups for our son he was shocked to discover he had mistakingly bought the purple princess girl pull-ups. In his rush to get out of Costco quickly he didn’t read the label correctly.

Not wanting to brave the Costco parking lot and return line we decided to keep the pull-ups. We figured we could avoid drawing attention to the purple pull-ups on our son if we vowed to put in him in pants or shorts if these pull-ups were being used. I am not sure what we were thinking. Since March our kids have hardly worn pants.

Once everything was put away, we ate a quick lunch and it was nap time. Josh put a purple pull-up on our son and got him in some comfy pants. We laid the littlest of our kids down and they were soon asleep.

After nap I went to wake up our littlest guy and found him on the floor, pants removed, sleeping. Purple pull-up shining visible in all it’s glory.

Our oldest shortly came in before I could get the pants back on.

“AHHHHHHH, he has on girl pull-ups”

“Shhhhhh” I said, “Daddy accidentally bought the wrong ones and we are trying not to make a big deal out it”.

Still trying to get the pants on, another child walks in.

“Ohhhhh, I love you purple diaper” said our daughter. Who genuinely was being sweet and not trying to tease because she loves purple.

“Shhhhhhhhhh” I said again. Still trying to get his pants on before he fully wakes up and realizes what we have done to him.

I think I am finally making progress on the pants when our 4 year old walks in.

“Why does he have on girl pull-up? You have on a purple pull up. HAHAHAHAHAHA, he has on princesses.”

At this moment, I give up trying to hide the purple pull-up. It is out in the open and there is nothing I can do to get the pants on at this point. We put a quick snack in our kids stomach and sent them outside in the backyard to play. The purple pull-up glows in the sunshine as our child bounces happily on the trampoline and later plays in the sandbox.

The pull-ups are now packed up in Josh’s car waiting to be returned to Costco. Our best intentions lasted only for an afternoon and clearly we underestimated our children’s desire to remain pant free.

Also upon me taking the picture of the pull-up box I realize we need to get Josh scheduled for an eye exam because clearly this is a purple box with a little girl on the package.