Day In The Life + Garmin vívofit 2 Review

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Garmin through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While I was compensated to write a post about vívofit 2, all opinions are my own.

I thought it would be fun to do a day in the life post. I have never done one before and I always love reading them. With Caden in preschool two days a week, workouts, bible study, swim lessons, MOPS, church, and various other activities that we participate in our family is always on the go.

Even though we are out and about these activities involve lots of sitting. Sitting in the car driving, sitting at bible study, anyway you get the picture. At the end of day I can feel tired not so much from the amount of movement but just from the volume of activity.

Exercise in a modern context can actual create disease. Today, the average office worker sits for about 10 hours, first all those hours in front of the computer, plowing through e-mails, making calls or writing proposals — and eating lunch. And then all those hours of sitting in front of the TV or surfing the Web at home. Studies have shown again and again that a lack of movement in your day increases your risk of heart disease, diabetes, obesity, cancer, and depression, as well as muscle and joint problems.

The World Health Organization estimates that 95 percent of the world’s adult population is inactive, failing to meet minimum recommendations for health of 30 minutes of moderate to intense physical activity five times a week. Yikes! That is huge!

I have recently been using the Garmin vívofit 2 activity tracker which features an audible move bar. After 1 hour of inactivity, the vívofit 2 gives you an audio alert and displays a red move bar that builds every additional 15 minutes. Just walk a couple of minutes to reset the move bar. Hope you enjoy seeing how much a move during a typically day in my life!

Tuesday November 3rd, 2015

5:15am – Wake up and exercise. I used Cathe Live and did a 45 minute cardio workout at home that was just the right amount of challenge and sweat for me this morning. I used my Garmin Premium Heart Rate Monitor (Soft Strap) during the workout. Using my iPhone I synced my watch after the workout to the Garmin Connect app.

Garmin's vívofit 2 HR Screenshot

Garmin's vívofit 2 Activity Tracker Screenshot

CatheLive Garmin's vívofit 2

After my workout I am at 4308 steps. Not bad for 6am. A quick shower is followed by making myself and the kids breakfast and getting everyone ready for the day.

9am – Caden has been dropped off at preschool and Maisie was unhappily left with loving nursery workers at church so I could go to bible study. Two and a half hours later we all get back in the car to head home for lunch.

Armor of God Garmin's vívofit 2

1:30pm – The kids are asleep for their naps, the house is a mess, and my vívofit 2 is redlining me telling me I should be moving because I have been inactive for over an hour while I played with the kids on the floor.

Naptime Garmin's vívofit 2

5pm – Maisie is home with Daddy and Mommy and Caden are at swim lessons. My watch is still telling me to move.

Swim Lessons Garmin vívofit 2

After lessons we are home for the night! Yay!

7pm – Bedtime for the kids. We really love reading the The Jesus Storybook Bible to them each night.

Jesus Storybook Bible Garmin's vívofit 2

I am not sure if you can tell in this picture but there is a little plus sign on the bottom of the screen that lets me know that I have met my step goal for the day. Each day the Garmin vívofit 2 adjusts my step goal depending on how I am doing getting moving every day.

Here is how I ended the day…

Garmin vívofit 2 Step Screenshot

Garmin vívofit 2 Sleep Screenshot

I really do love this watch and all that it has to offer. Hopefully you enjoyed reading about what a typically busy day looks like for me. I wanted to break down a few more of the features and let you know what else I thought after using the vívofit 2.


vívofit 2 activity tracker specs

The picture above speaks for itself in regards to what the vívofit 2 activity tracker offers. My favorite features are listed below…

  • 1+ year of battery life. I love not having to charge the vívofit 2.
  • Water resistant. I can swim with it!
  • Heart Rate Monitor. The HR strap is an additional purchase but well worth the money in my opinion to be able to take advantage of this feature.
  • Red bar of shame. Hahaha. I mean the move alert bar. This bar will eventually go across your entire screen if you are inactive for an hour. I dread it but it is a great way to remind yourself to get moving.


The week that I received my vívofit 2 activity tracker was the same week Garmin updated the Garmin Connect app. I downloaded the older version of the app, the new update came available, and once it was downloaded anytime I used my HRM with the vívofit 2 the data wouldn’t sync. I thought maybe it was just me because I was still in a learning curve but after visiting Garmin Fitness on Facebook I read comments that quickly let me knew I wasn’t the only one having this issue. Garmin was quick to respond on Facebook to mine and others questions and soon had the issue resolved with another update for the app a few days later.

I know that is not really a great con because the issue was soon resolved but so far that has been my only issue with this tracker. I really love everything about it and all the features it offers. The only other thing I will add is that I tested the vívofit 2 activity tracker on the treadmill for a run and it recorded me as running 1.70 miles when I had actually run 2.25. I don’t typically run on a treadmill so this is not a big deal to me and most activity trackers will not give accurate step counts on cardio equipment.


It is a keeper! If you are a swimmer, runner, or looking for motivation to get moving, this is the activity tracker for you. It is super comfortable and I don’t even mind sleeping with it on my wrist.