Body After Baby: 9 Months Postpartum

I don’t use extreme measures, deprive myself, or sacrifice my sleep in order to obtain results. I was active during both of my pregnancies and I fully believe that staying active has helped my body recover. I have found that being patient, consistent, and determined are the greatest ways to regain strength and stability in my body. I am a mama to two, and a wife to a firefighter. I don’t have a chef, housekeeper, or nanny. I am real person and I am inviting you to come on my postpartum journey with me. If you are recovering from childbirth please listen to your own body and know that each woman’s pregnancy, labor, and delivery is unique. 

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Waist 27″ | Hips 37″ | Weight 130 lb.


Waist 38″ | Hips 39″ | Weight 154 lb.


Waist 31″ | Hips 37″ | Weight 133 lb.

Body After Baby 9 Months Postpartum

This is me right now. No makeup and still slightly sweaty from a workout.  

Postpartum Body Months 1 4 9

It has been 5 months since my last update and there has not been any significant change in my body measurements but there has been a huge change in how I am feeling.

My struggle with postpartum depression and anxiety left me feeling like a shell of my former self. Being brave, talking with my doctor, getting a prescription for Zoloft, meeting with a christian counselor for treatment, and making time with God a priority has allowed me to become engaged in my life again.

Back in December I was suffering from horrible lower back. I had never experienced pain like I was feeling which led me to physical therapy. My hips and hamstrings were so imbalanced and sadly my range of motion in my body was drastically reduced. I have spent the last several months focusing on correcting my muscular imbalances with stabilization and strengthen exercises.

In April I am going to be eliminating caffeine, sugar, gluten, diary, and alcohol (this one isn’t a big deal for me because I hardly ever drink) for 21 days. Bread is my favorite thing ever and so are cookies. Each time I have done an elimination diet or a juice cleanse I feel so much better. My cravings are drastically reduce, eczema improves, and I sleep better.  I will post more details soon in case anyone else would be interested in learning more about why this is beneficial for your body.

I realize that my last several posts have not made motherhood sound very pleasant. As miserable as I was feeling a few months ago my husband and our babies are the best thing that has happened to me. I am trying to keep this blog real and honest. As a christian it can sometimes be easier to pretend everything is fine because you don’t want others to be turned off by your vulnerability and rawness. Life is wonderful but it can be hard sometimes.

To the moms reading this who have not experienced anything that I have written about. I totally get it. I was right there with you my first pregnancy. I had no idea what postpartum depression felt like or even how consuming dealing with its aftermath could be.

To the moms reading this who have experienced anxiety and depression my heart hurts for you. You are not alone in your suffering. I promise. There are so many of us who suffer in silence. Don’t be afraid to ask for help or talk with your doctor.

When we judge each other we are forgetting that every person has a unique story. Everyone of us has experienced something that has changed us. Be authentically you. God created each of us for a purpose and a calling. It would be a boring world if we all experienced the same struggles and triumphs.

Thank you for your love, kind words, and support over the last several weeks!



  1. Way to go Tamara! You are such an inspiration. I’ve followed you throughout both of my pregnancies (our kids are close in age) and it’s wonderful to have a role model who has approached post partum in such a healthy manner. I too had PPD with both and sympathize. You rock momma , keep doing what you’re doing!

  2. Love reading your posts and your honesty! It’s very brave of you to share. I have suffered from anxiety and it only got worse after having our first child. I’m currently pregnant with our second and I hope the anxiety doesn’t creep back into my life. I’ve learned that constantly talking with God, praying and trusting in him helps me.

    Look forward to hearing about your ‘cleanse’.

  3. I appreciate the honesty. My third is 18 months old and thankfully I’ve never had to deal with postpartum depression or anxiety. But even without those challenges, motherhood is no walk in the park. Some days it’s wonderful and some days are so challenging and frustrating that I’m practically crying I’m so jealous of my kid-free friends. The sugar-coated version of motherhood doesn’t help anyone, so please keep doing what you’re doing!

  4. You look fantastic and thank you for you honesty and openness! I’m currently expecting and to read about others experiences is very helpful. If these types of feelings come about after our baby arrives being able to recognize the signs and know you are not alone will be a great comfort.

  5. I’ve been a longtime reader and want to thank you for being so open. As someone who hopes to start a family soon, it is helpful to read about some of the symptoms of PPD to watch for. When your blogging decreased after you had Maisie, I thought it was probably because you had two kiddos and were just busy but part of me worried that something might be wrong. Glad you were able to seek help and make changes to improve your quality of life! You look great but it’s so much more important that you are feeling better!

  6. Man you look fantastic!

  7. I feel for you girl! Round one was a walk in the park on the perfect day. Round two has been the scariest roller coaster that seems to never end. I am 5 months pp, almost 6 and I have had zero time to even think about exercising. The baby eats constantly. CONSTANTLY. Day and night. And this week he wanted no one but mom and on mom’s lap. The baby was sick for 5 weeks straight…at least one person was sick in our house from Feb. 1 until about a week ago. There’s only 4 of us. It is never ending. I would love to have a third (hubby says no) and there are many times I honestly question why I feel so strongly about having 3. Everyone keeps telling me it will get better…I’m still waiting. I love my babies and my husband dearly, but our lives have been incredibly trying since 2013.

  8. One Word – Amazing!!!

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