You’re My Best Friend

I was sitting on the floor holding the phone so my kids could use FaceTime to chat with my mom. Each child squeezed their face closer and closer to the screen trying to show and tell to Grandma the latest happenings from our house. The oldest two walked off to go and find more things to show while our youngest began to press his face up to phone.

Grandma soon began to give kisses over the phone to the delight of our son. And quickly a game started. He squealed down the hall trying to get away from Grandma’s kisses. Once at the other end he would stop and look back at the phone to see if Grandma was still there. Mind you I was still sitting down this entire time and had not moved. After a quick pause he rapidly ran back to the phone pushing his face as close as possible to the screen and waited. Grandma kissed him again and off he went. This sequence was repeated many times over.

It has been so interesting to experience these moments during the pandemic. Life in some ways has felt very much on pause and yet in other ways it feels like it hasn’t slowed down at all. It warmed my heart to see this interaction between my mom and son. But what brought tears to my eyes and so much joy to my heart was what happened at the end of our FaceTime visit.

When it was time to say goodbye our sweet boy came up to phone and told his Grandma “You’re my best friend”.

Happy tears. #allthefeels

If you are new to my blog, we adopted our son out of the foster care system. Moments like this fill us with so much joy. There were so many unknowns when this little baby first came into our home and to see him now is just wow.

The following day we were swimming in our backyard pool and the kids took a break to eat lunch on the back patio. Our older three year old dropped something he was holding and our youngest hopped down off his chair to pick the item up for his slightly older brother. Both three year olds were out of their chairs at this point and after the item was returned they both hugged each other for a long time. And our youngest said mid hug to his brother “You’re my best friend”.

Happy tears. Again. #somanyfeels

Our four kids have truly become best friends in 2020. I am so grateful they have each other. Life is unpredictable in so many ways and I am doing my best to notice the good all around me. I would love to hear something good that you have noticed recently. Feel free to share in the comments below.


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