The Mama Confessionals: Oops…I Peed My Pants!

the mama confessionalsFor the past 7 days I have been sick. Stuffy nose, oh so very tired, and on Friday I developed a horrible cough. I am finally starting to feel better, but being pregnant and having to pee all the time, on top of drinking glasses upon glasses of water to flush out whatever was making me sick caused an interesting weekend.

Now for all you mama’s out there you know where this is going and if you read the title of this post you know where this is headed. When I was pregnant with Caden I did everything I could to maintain a healthy body post baby, including kegal exercises. There are even several breathing techniques in yoga that work those of so special muscles down below. I thought I was going to be covered in the leaky bladder department.

Post baby when I resumed teaching my group fitness classes I realized that no matter how great your efforts are things just aren’t quite the same after a baby has come out of your body. My first indication that my body had changed was during a cardio class I was teaching. I had the brilliant idea to surprise everyone and pull out the jump ropes and incorporate them into the hour class. Oh boy, was I the one in for the surprise.

We started the warm-up and began to jump. I hadn’t jumped rope in awhile and was feeling really great about how good I was doing. About a minute into the hour class I realized two things.

  1. I was glad I had worn dark pants.
  2. I shouldn’t have had so much water before teaching.

Little squirts of pee were exiting my body. I was mortified. So what does any good group fitness instructor continue to do? Keep jumping, of course.  No matter how much I tried to control my bladder there was nothing I could do. It had a mind of its own.

This experience taught me to always go pee before I teach. Always. Even if nothing comes out, it is better to be safe. After the jump rope incident I hadn’t had anymore oops..I peed my pants moment until this weekend. My lucky husband, he never knew a Friday night would consist of me sprawled out on the couch, surrounded  by dirty Kleenexes, coughing so hard it would cause the pee drain out of my body.

But that is what happened. Mama’s you know what I am talking about right? Maybe it was laughing, sneezing, or coughing and jumping that caused you to wet your pants. I know this doesn’t happen to everyone but if it has happened to you know you are not alone.

I want to hear your confessionals! Has this happened to you? Leave your comments below. 

xoxo, Tamara