July 2019 Fitness/Wellness Update

I can’t believe it is August! My older two kids are back in school and I miss them so much during the day but know they are having such a great time learning.

In July I tried to focus on drinking 96 ounces of water each day. I had to pee so much. Yikes. I need to keep doing this because I feel so much better when I am hydrated.

I am not really using the scale anymore because my clothes are fitting better and I just feel more confident in general but decided to check what my weight currently is. When I started documenting this monthly updates I was weighing in at 150 and by March I was down 135. I was doing lots of cardio and walking everyday. These last few months I haven’t done cardio and have just been lifting weights and I am weighing in at 144. It just goes to show muscle weighs more than fat.


I am still eating lots of salads and because it has been so hot here I am using my Instant Pot to cook the majority of our meals. Our kitchen and living room become so hot in the summer that I try not to turn the oven on in the afternoon. If I know I need to use the oven for anything I do it early in the day. Here are a few of our go to Instant Pot recipes.


I wrapped up my last workout for the 12 week weight lifting program I was following this month. I enjoyed it but am ready to start adding more cardio back into my programming. It was a nice change to workout 3 days a week and only lift. I am going to be doing a kettle bell program next and just started learning the basics this last week. So far I have worked on deadlifts, swings, and snatches and my legs and core have been so sore.

We went up to the mountains with my parents in July and had a fantastic time enjoying the cooler weather. While we were there I was able to take a HIIT class that was super fun but also super challenging because of the altitude. It was also really hard because it was the first time I had done any type of cardio in weeks.


I had my bi-yearly skin cancer check with my dermatologist and it was the first time in a long time I haven’t had anything biopsied. Such a relief. I know that next time I go in this will most likely not be the case but I counted it as a huge win! If you haven’t made an appointment to get your skin checked recently please do so. It is so important.

I am also still plugging away on my bible reading plan for the year. Currently I am in Chronicles. And honestly this section of the Old Testament always gets really hard for me to read. I have to focus so much but I know it is worth it to put the time into reading the bible.

Josh and I made it out of the house for an amazing date night and saw Hugh Jackman’s THE MAN. THE MUSIC. THE SHOW. He performed so many amazing songs and is so talented! It was awesome and worth the money. It made my heart happy.

And that is what has been going on since my last update. Thanks for reading!


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