How I Got a Flat Tummy in 30 Days!

Want to know how I got a flat tummy in 30 days? Me too! I would love to know when the results shown in the photo below never happened to me in 30 days.

Over the weekend I received an email from a fellow blogger, thank you Sia, notifying me that another blogger was using one of my before and after photos to promote a 30 Day Ab Challenge for a flat tummy. The image was quickly gaining traction on Pinterest.

How I Got a Flat Tummy in 30 Days!

This made my jaw drop. I felt like I had finally made it as a “blogger”. My work was stolen and used without my consent.

And just so we are all clear on my work here, I mean selfies taken on my iPhone in the bathroom mirror.

I know it is probably lame that I got excited about this, but what is it that they say about flattery? ūüėČ

Anyway, as flattered as I am that someone used my photo to promote their fitness challenge, I wish that my image had not been used in this way.


I highly dislike the idea of people seeing that picture of my midsection and thinking that by doing a 30 Day Ab Challenge they can achieve those same results.¬†Let’s chat about the photo for a second. Here is the original. As you can see the dates had been cropped out.


These two photos were taken 18 months apart. Not 30 days. This before and after photo was 547 days in the making.

In October of 2011 I had just found out I was pregnant. There was no flat tummy happening for numerous months between these photos.

I exercised throughout my entire pregnancy and my diet was very healthy. I also taught several group fitness and yoga classes weekly.

After my son was born I updated my progress monthly but two years ago decided¬†to¬†remove most of those posts for fear of my images being stolen to promote products I don’t use or believe in. My 10 Month After Baby Stats¬†post is still published if you would like to read it.

On a side note, this photo created quite the controversial stir back in May of 2013 when I guest posted on FitLife.Tv. The majority of the comments about my article were not about the article itself but targeted this same photo. You can read all about this in my post The Problem with Body Bashing.

I did not do a 30 Day Ab Challenge for these¬†results. When I workout I don’t ever focus on only my “abs”. I do however work my core and focus on all the muscles from the shoulders down to the quads.

I do NOT think there is anything wrong with my before picture. I love my flat tummy in both photos and I love my tummy now.


I also really dislike the fact that the image was used by another “personal trainer” to promote themselves. There are tons of fitness bloggers on the internet who claim to be a personal trainer yet do not share how they are certified. This is a huge red flag. If a trainer is not forth coming in a Bio¬†or About Section¬†of their blog or website on the certifications they hold do not look any further into buying a program from them or paying for online coaching. This industry is super competitive and trainers pay $$$ each year to keep their certs current and have liability insurance. Legit trainers have certs and will place that information in an easy to find location on their website.

The next time you see a before and after picture that looks a little to good to be true, it is probably because¬†it is too good to be true. Many supplement companies and fitness brands grow because of the success they have with sharing before and after photos. While reputable trainers and fitness bloggers use their own clients before and afters there are many Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook accounts who are looking to promote their at home business by “stealing” someones hard earned before and after photo.

Before you Pin, Share, Double Tap, or Buy when you see another before and after photo determine first if it is from a legitimate source. Please remember, a firm flat tummy happens over time and with consistent effort and dedication both in the gym and in the kitchen. Not from being able to copy and paste a photo of another persons hard work.


The Problem With Body Bashing

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Last week I wrote this article, Fat Loss Secret Weapon: Your Metabolism, for

“Being a personal trainer and a new mom I am constantly getting compliments on how quickly I returned to my post baby shape. To be honest I am actually in better shape now then I was before I became pregnant. I am super excited to share what I have learned with you and encourage you in your own healthy lifestyle journey.” (Click on the above link to continue reading)

The majority of the comments about my article were not about the article itself but targeted a photo I shared (see photo). The photo shows my stomach before and after having Caden. These comments were posted on and the Juicing Vegetables Facebook Page

why does she look like shes had liposuction on the right…

and they think it looks better…??

there wasn’t any fat to loose anyway.. liked her belly better before

Before is better!! Give the girl a sandwich.

I think the 2011 pic looks better the 2013 pic is too thin….gross in my opinion…

The after pic is bordering on eating disorder.

I don’t think it is a good idea to encourage anyone to look anorexic.

She looks better in the before pic. It’s not attractive to be a stick.

It does not look like the same person. Look at the belly button.

This doesn’t look like the same person to me. Boobs are bigger, can’t see the collar bone as much on the after picture.

Looks like she had a breast enhancement.

These comments were eyeopening. And to be honest, a tad bit hurtful. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and I am sure all of us can remember a time when we have been criticized for our looks. Nowadays no one is immune to having their body dissected. Losing the baby weight did not happen overnight. Here is how I looked at 37 weeks pregnant and after Caden’s birth (this was not the photo I shared with my article). To see my recent photo click here.

The internet gives people the ability to speak to a large audience. To those who wrote the above comments. I respect your right to post your thoughts on my body but I do not agree with your opinions.

The truth. I do not have an eating disorder. I eat around 2000 calories each day to support my active lifestyle.

The truth. The pictures are 100% the same person. The belly button and boobs look different because I gave birth to my adorable baby boy.

I worked hard for every drop of sweat that fell. I am happy and proud of what I accomplished. But my weight does not define me and it does not define you. Our world is very judgmental and I don’t think it is cool to tell someone they “looked better before” or diagnose an eating disorder based off a photo.

Your weight does not determine your worth. The bible says that each of us are “fearfully and wonderfully made” and I believe that. God made us and loves us. God loves you. You are beautiful and amazing in God’s eyes.

Everyone has an idea of their perfect body. But guess what? There are people who wished they looked as good as you do right now! It doesn’t matter what size your pants are because someone would love to be your size. Your weight does not determine your worth. We are all a work in progress. Appreciate the journey you are on.

I am thankful to my biggest supporter my husband for constantly encouraging me. Here is his response that he wrote to those who posted a comment on my article.

First off I can assure you both pictures are of the same woman, she is a fun loving, life loving, GOD loving, compassionate woman. She puts her pictures out there for the world to see and to inspire you to get up off your bottoms and achieve your goals. She is confident enough to not let the rude comments effect her (very much). She is in fact my wife and the mother to my son and a great example for him to see in a woman. She cannot be anorexic due to the fact that she eats around 2,000 calories a day (as stated in the article). She works hard, and thank goodness knows that I think she is beautiful and that is what truly matters. She is fit, cares about herself enough not to poison her body with crap, and we have both made a commitment to live a healthy lifestyle so we can pass that on to our son. So thanks for all those who complimented, and haters keep on hating if thats what makes you feel better about yourself. Much love from the Buschel’s.

I love that man so much!

Striving for a healthy body needs to be encouraged and not bashed. Each individual is unique and so is the shape of their body. The problem with body bashing requires that we accept that there is such a thing as the “perfect body.” This is a myth. Let’s stop tearing each other down and instead celebrate each others beauty.

Have a great day and I would love to hear how you respond to negative comments.

xoxo, Tamara

PS…I am super excited to share with you a recap of my pregnancy with Caden and also how I lost my baby weight so we be sure to check back later this week and next.