Low Impact Athletic Cardio Workout

Ready to get sweaty? Don’t let the name of this workout fool you. This is a fast paced, low impact, and high intensity workout. Perfect for those early mornings when your family is still sleeping or during your kids afternoon nap when you want to exercise.

If you don’t have gliding discs at home you can still do this workout by using paper plates or dish towels under your feet on either tile or wood floor.

The cardio video will take about 40 minutes. The video below is a follow along workout. You will run through the sequence once and then repeat. Enjoy!

EQUIPMENT NEEDED: Gliding Discs (Affiliate Link), Paper Cups

LENGTH: 40 Minutes


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Home Workout Must Haves

It is so important to invest in yourself and have a few pieces of exercise equipment at home. We all know that as much as we would love to get to the gym everyday sometimes that is just not a reality. These are just a few of my at home favorites.


Splurge Item! The TRX Suspension Training Kit is the most versatile piece of training equipment. If you are looking to invest in a home gym this little black and yellow bodyweight suspension system is your best buy. Just under $200 it is the most expensive item on my list of must haves but it is my top go to workout when I am at home offering a total body workout that includes cardio, strength, and flexibility options.

I love having options with my workouts! My medicine balls, kettlebells, and stability ball are always a nice addition to any workout and range in price from $14-$50.

Staying hydrated is super important which is why I love the Brita water bottle. I can fill it up anywhere if I am out and about or straight from the kitchen sink at home.

If you are looking to start running make sure to invest in quality running shoes. Getting fitted for a shoe that is going to work for you should be a main focus when buying a new pair as opposed to the color or brand. I am running in the Newton Terra Momentum’s.

Exercise dvd’s are great and most city libraries offer a fairly decent collection to help save you money. Plus, all instructors on fitness dvd’s are super motivating and will repeatedly tell you how awesome you are. How is that for a confidence boost!

Whatever workout you decide to do it is great to have someone or something who inspires you to be better. My yoga inspiration is Kathryn Budig. She has an awesome yoga dvd in case you are in the market. Kathryn is an amazing teacher and inspires me to be true to myself when I am practicing yoga on my mat. Speaking of mats I love the lululemon mat, simply called, The Mat.

To keep yourself accountable I recommend another splurge item, a heart rate monitor. These little watches let you know if you are working out as hard as you should be or think. I wear mine for almost every workout, even in pool when I swim laps.

Last but not least sometimes the baby is not going to want to just stay on the blanket and look up at you happily. I recommend a 30-45 minute dvd for your little one if you can’t squeeze your workout in during their nap time. I know taking 30 minutes out of my day to workout always makes me feel better. We are loving the Baby Faith series. They are so cute and are just another way that Caden can hear that God loves him.

What about you? What items do you use for your at home workouts?