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Welcome to Day 1 of the FREE Workout Plan! Today’s cardio workout requires that you set a stopwatch and time yourself. You will be repeating this workout in the third week of the plan. Make sure you write your time down to refer back to later and see how you have improved.

Here is the workout…

Workout Modifications

If you are a beginner and just getting started don’t let this workout scare you. The reps can be adjusted to work for you. I suggest halving everything if you haven’t exercised in awhile. So your workout would look like this…

  • 250 Jumping Jacks
  • 200 Squats
  • 150 Situps or Bird Dog
  • 100 Pushups or Wall Presses
  • 50 Burpees

Jumping Jacks can be modified as step outs. Just minus the jump and you alternate stepping out with each foot as your arms go over your head.

Squats can be done by getting up and down out of a hardback chair. Try not to use your arms and engage your abdominal muscles.

If situps hurt your back or neck you can sub this exercise for Bird Dog.

Wall Presses are done standing in front of a wall. Give the wall a high five. With your hands still flat to wall slide your palms down until they are just under shoulder level. From there you will do your pushups standing.

Modified Burpees will start in a plank. Walk or step feet to hands. Stand up. Squat back down and place hands on floor and walk or step feet back to plank.

You can do this! Feel free to let me know how it went :). Happy sweating!


Oh Tam. Oh 28 year old Tam. This workout killed your 36 year old self. Ummm, so guys when I put this plan together I selected workouts from my previous online bootcamp sessions. Todays workout crushed me. Good job younger me. You did it. You wrote a workout your future self wasn’t able to complete. High five.

If you are like me, and can’t get through the entire workout because you have things that need to be accomplished today don’t worry ;). Just do what you can, set a timer for 30 minutes and just see what you can accomplish.

Here is what my workout actually looked like: 500 Jumping Jacks, 400 Squats, 150 Butterfly Sit Ups.

Have a great day everyone!



  1. Thanks for keeping it real – I read the original workout and said . . . .yeah, my middle age self is gonna cut the exercises and do a 30 minute walk with some walking lunges instead.

    • Of course. I started the workout and immediately wanted to rename it “Just Go & Throw It In The Trash”. So glad you were just going to do your own thing anyway. Yay for walking and lunges :).

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