Total Body Jump Workout

If you are following along with the FREE home workout plan this is Day 3! Today’s workout involves strength training mixed with a few plyometric moves. Plyometrics is a type of exercise that rapidly and repeatedly stretches and contracts the muscle.

You will repeat this entire workout twice.

Here is the workout…

Workout Modifications

To modify you have the option to be done after the first round. If the jump squats, skaters, and plyo (jumping) lunges are causing pain in your joints or discomfort in your body please modify. These exercises can by swapped for bodyweight squats, lateral lunges, and bodyweight lunges.

For the single leg deadlifts you can keep both feet on the ground as a modification. If you are doing the exercise on the right leg, the right foot would be in front with the left foot slightly behind. As you come forward in the deadlift the left toes will stay on the floor to help with balance.

If you don’t have a jump rope available to use just pretend you have one as you do the exercise.

Have fun! The most important thing to remember is that as long as you are moving your body you are exercising. If something hurts or you are confused on movement you can always skip it or sub it.

Happy Sweating!


I did this workout before my kids woke up and was able to complete the 2 rounds. After Monday’s workout this win for the day feels great!

Now for a random bit of information: I then disinfected and cleaned our bathrooms, showered, put on actual clothes, and blow dried my hair. The spray cleaner I am currently using has a dull minty smell that automatically takes me back to the air freshener in my college cadaver labs. Crazy. I have never been able to smell this odor since without thinking about my anatomy labs. While I am grateful for the ability to clean my bathroom I probably won’t be buying that cleaner again if there is another option available at the store ;).

Now on to make breakfast and have our morning bible lesson. Have a great day friends! Stay healthy and safe.


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