Purple Pull-Ups

Josh recently went to Costco for our monthly shopping trip. When he returned home we began to put away our huge haul. And when I say huge it was huge. This was the trip where he bought toilet paper, kleenex, paper towels, and pull-ups on top of all the food items. When he started to unpack the pull-ups for our son he was shocked to discover he had mistakingly bought the purple princess girl pull-ups. In his rush to get out of Costco quickly he didn’t read the label correctly.

Not wanting to brave the Costco parking lot and return line we decided to keep the pull-ups. We figured we could avoid drawing attention to the purple pull-ups on our son if we vowed to put in him in pants or shorts if these pull-ups were being used. I am not sure what we were thinking. Since March our kids have hardly worn pants.

Once everything was put away, we ate a quick lunch and it was nap time. Josh put a purple pull-up on our son and got him in some comfy pants. We laid the littlest of our kids down and they were soon asleep.

After nap I went to wake up our littlest guy and found him on the floor, pants removed, sleeping. Purple pull-up shining visible in all it’s glory.

Our oldest shortly came in before I could get the pants back on.

“AHHHHHHH, he has on girl pull-ups”

“Shhhhhh” I said, “Daddy accidentally bought the wrong ones and we are trying not to make a big deal out it”.

Still trying to get the pants on, another child walks in.

“Ohhhhh, I love you purple diaper” said our daughter. Who genuinely was being sweet and not trying to tease because she loves purple.

“Shhhhhhhhhh” I said again. Still trying to get his pants on before he fully wakes up and realizes what we have done to him.

I think I am finally making progress on the pants when our 4 year old walks in.

“Why does he have on girl pull-up? You have on a purple pull up. HAHAHAHAHAHA, he has on princesses.”

At this moment, I give up trying to hide the purple pull-up. It is out in the open and there is nothing I can do to get the pants on at this point. We put a quick snack in our kids stomach and sent them outside in the backyard to play. The purple pull-up glows in the sunshine as our child bounces happily on the trampoline and later plays in the sandbox.

The pull-ups are now packed up in Josh’s car waiting to be returned to Costco. Our best intentions lasted only for an afternoon and clearly we underestimated our children’s desire to remain pant free.

Also upon me taking the picture of the pull-up box I realize we need to get Josh scheduled for an eye exam because clearly this is a purple box with a little girl on the package.


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