30 Minute Total Body Workout

It has been forever since I actually shared a workout. I hope to start sharing more workouts on here and to update the workout page with previous workouts I have posted.

I have been exercising about 4-6 days a week consistently since February and it feels amazing. We don’t have a gym membership so I am getting up in the morning before everyone in the house is awake and exercising at home. Over the years we have accumulated a nice variety of workout equipment for at home use. For this workout you will need a stability ball and a set of dumbbells. I used 15 pounds for the squat to shoulder press and the walking lunges but you can go lighter or heavier if needed.

This is a quick circuit style workout that will have you sweating and leave you feeling accomplished when you have finished. Move from one exercise to the next. Once you have finished rest for 1 minute and repeat for 2 more rounds. It should take you around 30 minutes to finish.

These are my favorite type of workouts because they are over and done quickly and contain a variety of exercises. If you try it I would love to hear how it went!


Core & Burpees

I love core work! You can be sure if that if you work out with me we will spend plenty of time focusing on improving and building core strength.

Your core muscles help support your entire body. Try not to limit your thinking of the core to just your abdominals. When you train your core you are also training your back, glutes, and all the muscles that run along your spine. When training this area you want to be sure and focus on the front  and back side of your body and not confine yourself to crunches and sit-ups.

Core training is a must. The younger you are when you start training with your core in mind the easier it will be maintain it as you age. I want to be around as long as possible for my family, especially my son Caden. He has made me even more motivated to stay active and to fuel my body with nutrient rich foods. Thanks Caden!

Kids are your reason. Not your excuse.

Meet your exercises! (I did not include pictures for Burpees or Bicycle Crunches because I am fairly certain you all know how to rock those exercises.)


Stability Ball Pikes

  1. Place your hands on floor in front and your shins on the ball behind with your arms straight.
  2. Drag the ball towards your body lifting your hips with your legs straight up and roll the ball down your shins to your toes.
  3. Keep your arms straight throughout the exercise.


Boat Pose Crunches

  1. Start seated with your knees bent and your feet flat. Slowly lean back and lift your legs off the floor so that you are now balancing on your butt. Lengthen and flatten your back, trying to eliminate any roundness or arching.
  2. Lift through your sternum or upper chest. Slide your shoulder blades toward each other behind you and keep lifting long through your neck and head.
  3. Reach your arms forward and on an exhale begin to hover heels and shoulders 1 inch off the mat. Return to starting position on an inhale.


Hip Drop Forearm Planks

  1. Get down on your forearms and feet (plank position). Make your body into a straight line so that it is parallel to the ground.
  2. Rotate at the waist and touch your right hip to the ground. Rotate back up and then to the left and touch your left hip to the ground.
  3. Alternate back and forth


  1. Lie on your back with your legs straight and your hands to the sides of your head.
  2. Raise your head and shoulders, bringing one knee above your hip and the opposite elbow to this knee, twisting your torso.
  3. Lower your upper body and leg to the floor and repeat on the other side with opposite leg.


Knee Tap Forearm Planks

  1. Get down on your forearms and feet (plank position). Make your body into a straight line so that it is parallel to the ground.
  2. Gently tap both knees to the mat and immediately straighten your legs. Repeat.


Stability Ball Back Extensions

  1. Lie facedown on a stability ball, hands behind your head, feet against a sturdy object.
  2. Squeeze your glutes and lift your torso up until your body forms a straight line. Hold for one or two seconds.
  3. Slowly return to start. That’s one rep.


  1. Begin in a squat position with hands on the floor in front of you. Kick your feet back to a pushup position.
  2. Immediately return your feet to the squat position.
  3. Leap up as high as possible from the squat position.

Here is the workout!

Core & Burpees

You will perform this for 3 rounds resting 1 minute between rounds. Try to get as many reps of each exercise in as you possibly can. This is a tough one!

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I hope you enjoyed today’s workout! I love reading your comments. Let me know what you think!

XOXO, Tamara